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Case Report: Individual Assessment and Counselling
Law Was Not For Him

A Psychiatrist referred a young man to Dr. Sayer because of the serious depression the man was experiencing related to his work. He had been an excellent student through high school and university and had chosen to become a lawyer. He was very impressed by one of his law professors who taught labour law. Due to this influence, he joined a labour law firm upon graduation. Six months later he was miserable and seeing the Psychiatrist. Through interviewing, it became clear that the young man had only chosen law because he was good at debating and couldn’t think of any other related careers. He knew during the first six months of law school that he didn’t like law but didn’t want to disappoint his parents and he couldn’t think of anything else to do. Also, as he came from a reasonably upscale background, working in labour law required him to work with people and on topics for which he had no interest or experience.

Outcome: Through assessment and counselling, it became clear that he did enjoy the research and writing of law but didn’t like the litigation and confrontation that were required in labour law. He was able to use his degree when he secured a job with the government doing research and writing on policies and legislation.

Case Report: Individual Assessment and CounsellingA Family And A Journalism Degree

A woman came for career counselling shortly after the birth of her third child. The results of her career assessment showed a high interest in writing and Journalism, along with some other areas of moderate interest. As her husband was fully employed and she had her hands full with her family, it was expected that she would consider some free-lance writing and contract work for a few years and then decide whether or not to return to school or to enter another of her options full time. However, she decided that her interest was sufficiently strong that she entered a degree in Journalism the next year.

Outcome: Now she is a very successful journalist, having had full time positions with national magazines. This led to a successful freelance career in which she has been able to occasionally involve her children in her assignments (e.g. Travel to exotic locales) which has been a great payoff to the whole family.




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