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Case Report: Assessment

A man in his mid-thirties had been with a large company for the majority of his career and had progressed to being a specialist in logistics and quality control. His background was in technology training and he felt that he was being passed over for promotion to management by both his lack of university education and not having anyone in management who would promote his case in the promotions meetings. He was ready to quit. Through assessment, he gained a better understanding of his strengths and weaknesses, as well as how he might market his strengths in other areas of the company. He was advised to stay with the company for at least another year and to focus more on building his network and developing better strengths in certain areas.

Outcome: Within that year he was promoted to a middle management position and within three years he was a Director on a new and major project. When he did choose to move on from this company he was far better positioned to gain a well paying senior management role in another industry. Ongoing coaching through the early days of his confidence crisis prevented him from making a move that could have seriously derailed his career.



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