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Since the early 1980's Sayer & Associates have provided assessment and consulting on selection, career and executive development to private and public organizations. Dr. Sayer has worked with senior management teams to identify and close the gaps between organizational objectives and actual employee behaviour.

Sayer & Associates forms work teams from an established list of colleagues to meet the needs of contracts as they arise. This "movie industry" model of employment has worked well to provide clients of Sayer & Associates with high quality professionals when they are needed but without the high fees required to maintain an in-house talent bank.

Dr. Sayer and her associates have used their academic and experiential expertise on individual and organizational development issues to support research needs analyses, survey development and analyses, strategic consulting and human resource systems. A solid foundation of over 25 years experience working with private, public and non-profit organizations provides a depth of consulting experience which is enhanced by ongoing research into new and dynamic methods.

Dr. Lyz Sayer

Dr. Sayer is an Organizational Psychologist who has been President of Sayer & Associates since 1982. She has provided assessment, coaching and training on management and career development issues for staff at all levels of organizations.

Ph.D. University of Toronto/ OISE
M.Ed. University of Toronto/ OISE
B.Ed. Queen’s University
B.A. (hons) University of Guelph
Registered Psychologist Ontario College of Psychologists and Canadian Health Service Providers in Psychology
Certificate International Human Resource Management, SHRM
Certificate in Intercultural Studies In progress, University of British Columbia


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