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Case Report: Facilitation of Strategic Planning Session

In response to a nation wide survey of Canadians, a Federal Department amended their Strategic Plan to include an additional objective that was of prime importance to the health and welfare of a particular sector of Canadian Society. This required every regional division to revisit their plans to incorporate this new directive. However, no new resources (people or money) would be provided to support such a serious shift in direction. Sayer & Associates met with the key executives of one region, reviewed all the supporting documentation and designed and facilitated a strategic planning session to address this new initiative.

Outcome: The plan was a resounding success in that all employees became motivated and involved in the new plans. They were even able to use their plans to have a positive impact on the decisions of their partners in the region. Based on this success, the plan developed by Sayer & Associates was selected by other regional departments within the same organization. This produced efficiencies and cost savings for the whole organization.

Case Report: Identification of Core Competencies

A large communications company wanted to move towards a more streamlined system for describing and evaluating the skills and abilities their employees needed for certain “job families”. For this Sayer & Associates used a methodology that was developed through similar experiences with a number of companies. The senior management of the company worked with Dr. Sayer through a series of exercises and meetings to generate a list of Core Competencies important for all employees, as well as Technical Competencies important for success in different departments and at different levels of the organization. Stratified samples of employees formed work groups to develop specific, practical and understandable definitions and examples of the competencies.

Outcome: The competencies were used as part of a larger system for selection, performance management and career development.




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