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Case Report: 360 Assessment

Dr. Sayer developed a custom-designed 360 survey for a large aerospace firm, based on their framework of values and performance review system. There were 5000 surveys distributed to provide reports for 300 managers with an internal partner managing the distribution and collection of the surveys and an external consultant for tabulation and report generation. Many managers were very suspicious of the process. In one of the group debriefings, two men were taking copious notes during the initial lecture on test development, validation, tabulation, etc. They wanted to have evidence that there were many things wrong with the process to defend themselves in face of the expected negative results. When the results were handed back (confidentially in sealed envelopes) and these men had time to review the reports, the notes were suddenly thrown away and they were left smiling. The point is that everyone has strengths and areas for development and any assessment process needs to be conducted with respect and balance for the benefit of both the organization and the individuals.

Outcome: The overall results of the assessment process were used to establish a model of managerial training and development. This model provided training in key areas for all managers and focused group and individual learning programs in the remaining areas of highest need. In addition, learning resources were provided to all managers so they could receive the information that they needed to address their own unique areas for development.

Case Report: Team Development

A new Vice- President inherited a team of three very different Directors running an important department in a pharmaceutical research and manufacturing company. While each was clearly talented and dedicated, they didn’t seem to be working together to achieve the important goals they had in front of them. Interviews were conducted with the VP, as well as with each director and then a one-day session was designed to uncover and discuss barriers to communication and effectiveness. Through two types of individual assessment, completed prior to the session and debriefed in the session, the Directors learned how to use each other’s individual talents and perspectives rather than work around them.

Outcome: There was immediate success in their teamwork following the session, as reported by the Vice President. This has since translated into positive relationships among the team members as each has moved on to their own positions as VP’s, both within this and other companies.



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