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Executive Assessment, Coaching and Counselling

Are great leaders born or made? There are convincing arguments – and examples – to support both options. However, even the best "natural" leaders need to know themselves first.


The Executive assessment includes professional interviewing to determine the needs and goals of the client. This is followed by the selection of appropriate standardized testing in the areas of leadership, personality and interpersonal relationships as well as other areas as indicated. Feedback is in the form of both a detailed report and interview to ensure that the results are understood and recommendations are formulated that are appropriate to the client and their particular needs. Managers learn about their unique pattern of strengths, interests, values and personality characteristics and how they are supporting or getting in the way of effectiveness in their current work as well as for long-term career growth. With this information, they can make concrete plans for career and personal development.

Case Report: Assessment


The confidentiality of reports and test results are determined at the outset so that the individual engaged in the process knows who will have access to this information before they complete the materials. Often referrals are made by companies who want to support their managers in this endeavor and it is left up to them what or how much of the report is shared with others back in the company.

Succession and Career Planning

Grooming potential business leaders requires an understanding of their strengths and areas for development. Providing an executive assessment to these people lets them know they are worth investing in, while providing them with the guidance needed to identify areas for growth. This process allows a more open discussion between employer and employees about future career paths opportunities. How managers use this evaluation and their subsequent growth will give the organization more information on which to make those tough succession decisions.

Case Report: Succession and Career Planning


Great managers are often made not born. The promotion of great technical or professional specialists to the ranks of management without assessing their management skills is still happening in epidemic proportions. Managing people requires an understanding of the psychology of individual and group behaviour and the ability to monitor and adjust one’s own behaviour as required. Dr. Sayer has worked with many executives and managers to understand their communication and coping styles, and then to widen their thinking and behavioural patterns to increase interpersonal effectiveness. This type of personal and professional feedback and coaching can increase work effectiveness in a wide range of professionals whether they are currently managing others or not.

Case Report: Coaching


As a Registered Psychologist with a Ph.D. in Counselling Psychology, Dr. Sayer has the training and skills to address behavioural issues in the work place that go beyond coaching and training. Relationship management, change and stress are now an integral part of any work situation. The complexity and uniqueness of people requires counselling from trained professionals with the knowledge, experience and variety of methodologies that may be required. This type of counselling must be provided by counsellors with training in psychotherapy AND with business experience. Clients are able to work their way back to mental and physical health, while Dr. Sayer ensures that this is done in the context of their work and career goals.

Case Report: Counselling



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