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It can be difficult determining what consulting services may be appropriate for your situation. To help with this, look at some samples of what other clients have said when they were assessing whether or not Sayer & Associates could help them.

Executive Assessment, Coaching and Counselling

“This Director is a great leader and has put in place some great changes. However, lately he’s saying he’s not feeling challenged and we don’t want to lose him.”

“Who should be promoted to that key executive role? Will our star Director of Sales, make a star VP of Sales and Marketing? What kind of skills and management style do we need for our management team?”

“She’s great technically and works well with her peers, but her direct reports are complaining about her management style and lack of leadership.”

“I’m in one of the most senior roles in the company and, therefore, need to be very careful about discussing personal or interpersonal issues – but I need someone to discuss management issues with, someone who really understands the complexity of both top level business operations and achieving these goals through relationships.”

“The stress of recent changes has been tough on everyone, but he seems to have been hit especially hard. He’s micromanaging little details but letting big project deadlines slide despite spending more and more hours at work. We want to help him through this rough period and get him back to his great performance.”

Leadership Development

“ We want to promote from within but are concerned that our people may not have the leadership skills to make the transition from staff to management positions. What can we do to prepare them for advancement?”

“ We have a number of very solid operational managers but they seem to lack the insight, skills and behaviors to really lead and motivate their staff. Can this be changed? Can we give them training or coaching to help them to understand how to expand their role and their skills?”

“We need to upgrade the leadership skills of our management team in order to be a more competitive force in our industry. We’re not sure whether it’s a matter of rethinking our vision and direction, or simply getting the executives and managers to make our objectives happen.”

Employee Surveys

“We don’t know whether or not our employees are happy and motivated enough to stay with our company through this next tough season. Our turnover isn’t that high but we’ve lost some good people and we don’t think productivity is what it should be.”

“Before we start our next strategic planning session, we want to know what our employees think – about what they see as strengths and issues in the organization.”

“Do our employees believe that the organization is really living up to its stated mission, culture or values? Why or why not?”

“Our turnover numbers aren’t low but we’re losing too many high performers. Why is this?”

Career Development and Planning

“The employee survey results indicate our people want direction and support in their career planning. What can we realistically do to fill this gap in our training and development?”

“Where can we find career planning sessions for our staff, and training on career coaching to assist managers?”

“We’ve got some great people with potential for management. How do we help them to identify the skills they need to move to this next level?”

Organizational Development

“What can we do to hire the best people and retain them in our organization?”

“Most of our senior management team will be retiring in the next five years. How do we tackle succession planning for these and other top positions?”

“We’re going to be going through a massive change (e.g. M&A, new systems, restructuring) and need everyone on board from the outset. What can we do to engage all employees in this change, whatever their position or tenure with the organization?”

“What do we need to have effective performance review systems?”

“How do we identify appropriate learning initiatives for our people?”

“Should we use Core Competencies for performance evaluation or just for development plans?”

Corporate Cultural Reviews

”We’ve set new and progressive business objectives, but we can’t seem to get action.“

“This merger is the right thing to do financially. However, we’re concerned that if the two, quite different cultures don’t blend quickly we’ll lose the competitive advantage that is the reason for the merger.”

“We know we need to change to be more competitive and effective, but we’re not sure what aspects of how we work inside the company need to be changed.”

“Everyone has had the training, communications and Townhall sessions on the new company direction, but there’s a negative buzz that seems to be preventing a lot of people from actively supporting these changes. We need to figure out the source of this “drag” and get things turned around quickly.”



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